WHHS Covid Vaccination

We’ll never forget the pandemic and our struggle to get back to normal. After a robust first wave of vaccinations, it became increasingly difficult to convince unvaccinated people to get the shot. Research showed that many people felt that the vaccine wasn’t for them as they believed they were too young, part of an excluded race, low risk, etc. That’s why WHHS asked Parker Avenue for a campaign that would deliver a clear message of inclusion to inspire more people to get vaccinated.

Target Audience
All Tri-City Adults (San Francisco East Bay Trip-city Region)

Convince more people to get the vaccine
Help increase the local vaccination rate
Correct misconceptions about the vaccine not being for everyone
Develop a concept and visual approach for outdoor media

The Concept
This blindfolded COVID concept squarely addresses the belief held by some people that the vaccine is not for them by showing that the virus doesn’t discriminate. With this concept, each left-side banner addresses a different slice of the potential vaccine population that could have been influenced by beliefs about race, ethnicity, age, gender, culture, religion, income level, etc.

378 large side-by-side pole banners lining major city streets and WHHS parking lots