Washington Hospital Healthcare System

WHHS is a district-owned hospital accountable to those who live there, making local residents its owners and driving its “Patient First” culture. One challenge is serving a district that’s grown nearly 20x since it opened 60 year ago while having many new residents who aren’t familiar with the hospital.


Our assignment was to develop an advertising strategy and creative campaign to celebrate Washington Hospital’s 60th anniversary, recognize the local owner community, make a connection with newer residents, and reflect its diverse demographic audience with members who speak more than 100 languages combined. The campaign had to be easily relatable for all, regardless of native language and experience with American culture.

Target Audience
The Tri-city region (Fremont, Newark, Union City): Adults living in the WHHS Healthcare District.

378 pole banners surrounding the hospital and lining major feeder thoroughfares, transit shelter posters, bus posters, electronic and static billboards, and digital and print advertising. The 60th Anniversary logo we designed was used on most communications and marketing materials for the anniversary year.