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Adrienne is a strategist, storyteller, and problem solver who’s energized by creativity. When she and her team hit that big idea (that creative concept that nails it, the idea that makes audiences think and feel, the one that has stickiness, sustainability, and memorability), she feels it in her heart and knows it in her soul. Before Parker Avenue, Adrienne began as a receptionist and worked her way up to manage national accounts and write strategic advertising plans for ad agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, NW Ayer, and Poppe Tyson Interactive. She also worked for several smaller agencies where she wore many hats and learned media and production, too. After 15 years she stepped out and freelanced for a handful of San Francisco agencies where she finally did the kind of work that inspired her to pursue advertising in the first place—she wrote copy and directed exciting creative projects that catapulted the next phase of her career. That’s when clients started calling and she created her full-service agency with a flexible model that has worked extremely well ever since. “I’d rather focus on my clients, solve their problems. and do the creative rather than spend my life stressed about my own bottom line,” says Adrienne. “Collaborating with top notch experienced professional freelancers creates a powerful team. We’re good. Really good. And we’re fast. And we a have work ethic that clients love because they know they can depend on us to deliver strategic creative, on time and on budget. I never have to worry about my team pulling through, even in the most challenging situations.” Her goal is a simple one: To do great work for clients, with passion and integrity. Adrienne earned a B.A. in Mass Communications/Advertising from the University of South Florida and has studied art and documentary filmmaking at home and abroad. She is an active member of Rotary International where she regularly volunteers her time and ideas.

7 Must Do’s to Get Breakout Creative from Your Ad Agency

Kudos! You’re the client and you’ve hired an agency with visionary leadership, rock star creative, and strategic brilliance. You’re confident in your choice, full of hope, and eager to see new creative ideas that will light your world on fire…in a good way. Or, you’ve been working with your agency for a while and the creative isn’t fresh like it used to be. You’re frustrated, you want things to work out, but you wonder if [...]

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